looneybits is a solo developer project and the main goal is to create complete projects. A basic principle of looneybits is continuous deployment. Continuous deployment is a process “whereby all code that is written for an application is immediately deployed into production,” which results in a reduction of cycle time.

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Gaming is a new way to promote a product, explain a new service, or communicate with your customers. To achieve those goals Casual Games are a good choice because they are used by a mass audience and require no special skills to play.


My name is Ferrys and my background is being a gamer in the best age of video games.


The sooner the end product is delivered, the sooner feedback can be received, and incorporated into the next iteration. Speed assures the fulfilling of the customer’s present needs and not what they required yesterday. Deliver as fast as possible.


You can find all games on unity asset store and Google Play. Keep in touch with looneybits through twitter, reddit & youtube, is not mandatory to check out them but any comment, follow or subscribe is appreciated.